Sangeet Amritam

Naham tisthami Baikunthe, Yoginam hridaye nacha.
Matbhaktah yatra gayanti, tatra tisthami Naradah.

(Oh Narada, neither I reside in the Heavenly abode of Baikuntha nor in the heart of the Yogis. Wherever my devotees sing in spirit, I verily dwell there)

Music has existed ever since the world was created like the light and the air in the natural in different interesting cosmic sounds. Music has been always an integral part of spirituality, religion, art and entertainment in any civilization and culture. However Indian Music dates back as old as 4000 BC and has evolved as gorgeous plethora of matured music through the ages. No other civilization ever had such a long and uninterrupted tradition of music. The present day Indian Classical Music can trace back its origin to the Vedic chants of the Vedas. It is a science, sometimes used as a therapy to cure our diseased mind.

Our programme:

1) Focus on perfect voice throwing, vocal technique and breathing
2) Focus on all forms of traditional vocal music
3) Study the contributions of vocal maestros of different genres, through ages
4) Organising concerts on pure form of music and fusion
5) Conducting workshops and seminars periodically
6) Online Skype classes
7) Creating platform for the enthusiastic and promising students to showcase their endeavour

We welcome you to join hands with us become a member of our school of thought and make our journey a successful one.

Courses: (Regular and Online)

1. Voice training
2. Hindustani classical vocal music.
3. Raga study. (Open to both vocalists and instrumentalists)
4. Semi classical like Thumri, Dadra, Bhajan, Kirtan, Gazal
5. Rabindrasangeet and Najrulgeeti
6. Old and modern Bengali songs
7. Taal and Rhythm study
8. Music appreciation
9. Special offers : Students are also welcome to go for a course comprising different genres spread over two years.